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Robert Owen, a lifelong Democrat and Progressive, is running for Congress to give a voice to the 23rd Congressional District. As a Bakersfield native, Robert understands the issues and priorities of his community. Working on his family’s farm, Robert was instilled with the values of hard work and that has seen him through service to our country in the US Marines, college and law school.  He has seen first hand how difficult it is for average citizens to actualize the American dream of a good job, a healthy community and an ability for parents to leave their children the world better than before. Robert will fight to restore this American dream - for all.

Americans deserve a fair and affordable health care system.  He is resolute in his belief that Congress should work for the people and not the other way around.  Many of the constituents of the 23rd district are living in poverty and see no way to get ahead.  The prices of basic goods and services have risen many times over and wages have not kept pace.  Robert believes our current system is broken and the constituents of the 23rd district deserve better. Clean water, clean air and an economy that allows all to rise and succeed.  

Robert believes in lowering the vast gap of wealth inequality in America, giving working families the shot at prosperity they deserve. Much of the nation is living in poverty, seeing no path forward, no way to get ahead. Too many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck in the richest country in the history of the world. Robert Owen knows that our current system is broken, and the people of the 23rd district deserve a representative that fights for them - not corporations and those at the top. We need to invest in renewable energy technology to make America energy independent; wealth inequality must be dealt with; and we must fight for universal health care.

Sadly, Congress does not fight for the average American anymore. This must change, and it will change - with your support. As a former Marine, Robert is not afraid to take on this fight. He is eager to give America a progressive future, and as your representative in the 23rd district he will fight for that future. Will you fight with him?


The Candidate: Owen to run against McCarthy

The race against Kevin McCarthy keeps getting bigger. Bakersfield attorney and former Tulare County prosecutor Robert Owen has announced he intends to run against Republican Majority Leader for his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives representing California’s 23rd District.

A lifelong Democrat, Owen’s priorities include rebuilding the middle class, the right to health care, tuition-free education, net neutrality, revitalizing infrastructure, correcting wealth inequality, caring for veterans, criminal justice reform, culture and innovation investment, and protecting individual liberty, according to a release from his campaign.


“The biggest issues facing our country should not be partisan fights. Wealth inequality, the right to health care, tuition free education, net neutrality, revitalizing our infrastructure, rebuilding the middle class, caring for our veterans, criminal justice reform, culture & innovation investment, and protecting individual liberty. These are things that everyone values. Prioritizing these issues will benefit everyone in our nation.”
— Robert Owen